Trout Run Cover

My wife, Debra Meadow, is a wonderfully creative artist. She gets full credit for the artwork that went into the cover of Trout Run. The “bug” emerging from its protective shelter is a caddisfly in its larval stage, commonly called a periwinkle. For cool periwinkle imagery, click here. To make the periwinkle, Deb copied some old Dage family photos [my youthful mother is one], snipped them into pebbly shapes and then collaged them into periwinkles. The “pebbles” simulate the tiny stones the larvae gather from stream beds and “glue” [with special silk glands] into the gravelly tubes. They live in these protective tubes till they mature into mating adults. For more about the caddisfly, click here. There’s a scene in Trout Run where Eddy and Em visit a creek near their childhood home; Eddy scoops up a bit of the creek bottom, including an empty periwinkle tube, and it leads to a reflective moment for these characters.

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