Thank You!


A big THANK YOU! to Cutsforth’s Thriftway for hosting yesterday’s Book Fair in Canby, Oregon, and especially to Kendra Mikulec, who organized and emceed the event. I heard nothing but positives from the over twenty authors who attended and exhibited their various titles, everything from graphic stories to historical novels. I especially enjoyed visiting with former CHS students Jennifer LeRoy Huber, Targol Saedi, David Nightingale and Jason Gingerich. I hope you all enjoy Trout Kill, and be sure to pass along your thoughts to me about the story.

2 thoughts on “Thank You!

  1. Doug Edwards

    Hello Paul,
    Just returned from a trip to California, near Yosimite National Park. Caught a few trout and yes, we did eventually have to kill them. Great setting for another short story.

    Doug Sr.

  2. pauldage

    If you’re in to trout fishing stories/essays I highly recommend checking out William Dudley’s “The Chosen River,” tales of days well-spent fly fishing on various rivers, many in California, such as the Sacramento, McCloud and the Pit.


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