Dogwoods = Eddy & Em


On our morning walk Deb and I came across these two dogwoods. Beautiful, right? But I couldn’t help but notice their entangled limbs, which are interlaced so thoroughly that when a big storm comes along if one tree falls it might pulled the other down with it; or, conversely, the stronger of the two may in fact help to shelter and hold the other upright. Such is the relationship between Eddy Trout and his sister Em, one of inextricable entanglement. If one falls, so too may the other; and if one stands, so too may the other. Eddy senses this, and he’s trying to do all he can to “hold his sister up.” At what expense and/or benefit, though, to himself? To Em? This sibling dynamic is one of many I explore in the second part of the trilogy, Trout Run.

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