Author Readings 101

So, you’ve never been to an author reading? Really? Where have you been your entire life? For the uninitiated–and for you veterans, too, if you’d like to brush up a bit–here’s a guide by Nicola Griffith on what to possibly expect when (if?) you attend my reading of Trout Kill at Annie Bloom’s Bookstore Monday, April 22, 7:00pm.

Here’s the first part of Nicola’s guide: “An author reading is an informal, free event. (As in *free*. Costs you nothing. At all. Sometimes–rare, but not unheard of–there’s even free food.) You can plan in advance or just show up on a whim, wearing what you like (most bookshops, however, do require some kind of clothing), and sit anywhere. Bring a date, bring your family, bring your fine self.”

I hope to see you there!


3 thoughts on “Author Readings 101

  1. Shirley Gauthier

    Wish I could attend the reading. I am thinking enough time has passed for me to give Trout Kill another read. It was such an emotional read that I am sure I would gain a lot by reading it again.

    Best to you at this read.

    Shirley Gauthier

    1. pauldage

      Hey, I’ve been thinking of you since the Sutherlin reading. It was a great experience for me, and I hope you, too, but I was left with the feeling we’d just barely scratched the surface of the possibilities. So much to think about and discuss about the book. I guess that’s the “English teacher” in me. Anyway, hope you’re doing well and staying happy!

      1. Shirley Gauthier

        I loved the Sutherlin reading. It was fun to share the experience with so many classmates. However….I want to attend another reading as the joy of sharing time with and being around classmates distracted me much of the time.

        No doubt the opportunity for me to attend another reading will happen. I will start a second Trout Kill read and enjoy the next reading even more.

        Shirley (counting the days until summer)

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