Back to Blogging … and an Announcement!


First, a brief word about my recent blogging hiatus (a month or so): I’ve been working my butt off on my second novel, Trout Run, and it seems my literary psyche is capable of working only one butt off at a time. Who’d’ve thunk my psyche has just one butt?

Big Announcement: Paul’s next Official Reading Event for his debut novel, Trout Kill, is set for April 22, 7pm, at Annie Bloom’s Bookstore in Multnomah Village, 8734 S.W. Capital Hwy., Portland, OR 97219.

Annie’s already has my book in stock. Check the photo! I’d love for you guys to come and help pack the joint to the rafters. You can heckle me, too, if you promise to fork over a measly $14.95 for the novel. Hope to see everyone there!

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