Book Tour, Day One: Sutherlin

My first “World Book Tour” (Remember, the world is shrinking all the time) is history now. On Tuesday at Books Gallery in Sutherlin, many of my old friends were there, and we had what I hope was a fun time for all, reminiscing and talking literature. I consider it a grand success, but I have much to learn–like remembering to take photos! Sorry, but I got so caught up yakking I totally forgot to take your gorgeous pics–Jan, Bev, Carolyn, Jeff, Dan, Ann, Mona, Shirley, John and George. You guys were great, and I really enjoyed your questions and comments. And let’s hear it for Cheryl at Books Gallery, who provided such an ideal place for us. There we were, surrounded by thousands of books, gathered around a large table talking plot, character, theme and such. How could it get any better? (Okay, maybe with a splash or two of wine.) And another thing I learned: The M-16 fires a 5.56 caliber round, not a 7.62 caliber as I’d mistakenly wrote in my short story “Guard Duty.” Thank you for that bit of military wisdom, Jeff. Leave it to a former Marine to correct a former Army guy! I am eagerly looking forward to August, when we’ll meet again around pizza and beer and yak about the good ol’ days. Oh, yeah, after the mini reunion, Carolyn and George have said they’ll host another reading at their home. Thanks, Carolyn and George!

Quote of the Day: “The role of a writer is not to say what we all can say, but what we are unable to say.” Anaïs Nin

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