And the Winner Is …

The “Tweet” contest has officially ended, and my challenge was for readers of Trout Kill to write a critique of the novel in 140 characters or less. First, let me give a big SHOUT OUT! to all those who summoned the creative spirit and took the time to enter. I heard from some of you that it was harder than you thought. As the sole judge and jury, I had a tough, tough decision to make about the winner. Here are the top three entries:

Like a high speed joy drive down a twisting coastal road on a rainy night, Trout Kill serves up plenty of twists and bends. A thrilling read!—Rich Boley

Mechanical heart veteran-past memories cloud present-sis Em dead deer panties in pocket comatose wife friends in denial murder explosive.—Shirley Gauthier

Strangers we all know, fucked up yet normal. A story of unique yet everyday life, simplified to the point of beauty near the Oregon Coast.—Aaron Zarosinski

And the drum roll, please ….

The winner is Aaron Zarosinski!

Congrats, Aaron! I thought your entry was succinct (well, it had to be:), eloquent and insightful. I loved the tensions between “fucked up” and “normal,” and between “unique” and “everyday life.”

Aaron has opted for a unique prize: A free copy of my next novel, Trout Run, which will be released in about a year!

Quote of the Day: “If the writing is honest it cannot be separated from the man who wrote it.” Tennessee Williams

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