Village Gathering

A great big SHOUT OUT! to those who attended my reading yesterday at our home in Multnomah Village. It was a great success … the proper amount of wine, beer, great food and great people. The warmest hug goes to Deb, my wife, for helping with the food and set-up. Could not have pulled it off without you, Sweetie! And as for the rest of you, I love each and every one of you: Kelly J., Ricardo C., Louis and Judy H., Scott, Valerie G. and Ryan (Good luck with your agent, Valerie!), Cap’n Ron and Vicki and Rich, Gayle and Rod, Mick K., Carole I., Carole H., Steve and Lynn and Christine, Sharon, Jane and Patrice S. Special hugs to Patrice, Ricardo and Mick, whose strong support of me has been so confidence-instilling!

My next reading is at Canby High School tomorrow, Tuesday, Feb. 26, in Rm. 415 at 3:00pm. Hope to see you there!

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