A Valentine’s “Tweet”!

I must confess: I have no Twitter account. But in the spirit of Valentine’s Day, I’m passing on a little twitter-like love. The contest I mentioned in yesterday’s blog works like this:

1. The Challenge: In 140 characters or less, critique Paul’s novel Trout Kill. The “Best” critique, as chosen by the author, yours truly, wins.

2. The contest is open to all who have read, or who will read by the end of February, Trout Kill.

3. All entries are due by February 28, 2013. Entries must be submitted by commenting on this blog post. The winning contestant will get a reply from me by March 2, and receive a copy of Trout Kill, signed and personalized, OR a fifteen-dollar gift card to Starbucks. I may post submissions on Facebook (to prime the pump), and the winner forfeits all rights to his/her entry. (I may use it for marketing purposes.)

4. The winning entry will be posted in my blog, on my website and/or Facebook.

Good luck to all who enter, and Happy Valentines Day!

Quote of the Day: “Don’t tell me the moon is shining; show me the glint of light on broken glass.” Anton Chekhov

4 thoughts on “A Valentine’s “Tweet”!

  1. Shirley Gauthier

    Well, Well, Well….what a challenge. I am going to work on this one. I have no twitter account…but I truly believe I can be competitive in this challenge. Deadline 2/28/2013…I am starting to work on it right now.


      1. Shirley Gauthier

        Well the rules said to comment on this blog by the 28th. I have never tweeted have not yet secured a twitter account and no not what I am doing. It was fun creating this 140 charactor review.

        Mechanical heart veteran- past memories cloud present-sis Em dead deer panties in pocket comatose wife friends in denial murder explosive

  2. Rich Boley

    Like a high speed joy drive down a twisting coastal road on a rainy night, Trout Kill serves up plenty of twists and bends. A thrilling read!


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