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Shout-out for Reviews!

I’m issuing an all-call to those readers who have ordered Trout Kill through Amazon, either the paperback or Kindle versions: I NEED REVIEWS! When I visited the Amazon site this afternoon I noticed the little blue words saying “Be the first to review this item.” Here’s your chance to be a literary critic. Come on, you can do this. Just go to this link and follow the simple prompts: 1) enter a pen name, either your real name or one you make up for anonymity; 2) rate Trout Kill by giving it 1-5 stars; 3) enter a title for your review; and 4) share your opinion, either by video or with words (at least 20). That’s all there is to it. It takes about one minute. Thanks, and Happy New Year to all!

2 thoughts on “Amazon Reviews

  1. Shirley Gauthier

    Just posted my review and it was easy! Ordered two additional books and was told Amazon was out of stock and they would ship asap. I am assuming that “out of stock” is a good thing for book sales? Ordering two books on Amazon got me free two-day shipping so if anyone out there is giving thought to ordering buy one for a friend and save the shipping. This is truly a book that will leave you waiting for the next one.

  2. pauldage

    Shirley, I don’t really understand the “temporarily out of stock” thing with Amazon. For about a month now, Amazon has kept this notice posted, so what does “temporarily” mean? As far as I know TK was never “in stock.” Wouldn’t it have to be “in” before it could be considered “out”? But people keep ordering it and eventually receive it. Go figure! As always, thanks for your continuing support! And Happy New Year!


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