The Road to Writing (Part X)

So, to finally wrap up (for now) this road thing (before I beat the cliche to death) …. It’s been a long and winding, um,  road. (Sorry!) I began writing fiction in the early ’80’s, finished a novel that’s still gathering dust on a shelf, wrote short stories and got a few stories published, won a few contests and received my fair share of rejections from editors and agents. And then I went off-road (Sorry again!) and didn’t write another fictional word (unless you count some of the college recommendations I penned at CHS) for nearly twenty years, till I took that Dangerous Writing class in ’05. I guess the path (switching cliches!) I followed was somewhat non-conventional but, on the other hand, when it comes to writers and writing what’s normal? Where I am right now feels wonderful. I’ve self-pubbed my first novel and got my sights set (another cliche!) on at least three more, including that one gathering dust. As long as the story lines and characters keep popping into my head, why not bring them to life and, while I’m at it, enjoy the view from the road (ugh!).

(Next up, Not the Road!)

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