The Eddy Trout Novel Series

In Trout Run, the second novel of the Series, Eddy, a 47-year-old troubled soul, has left his wife and buried his father in a gone-to-seed garden, and now he’s running hard toward what he hopes is a brighter tomorrow. His sister, Em, has disappeared, and he’s got to find and “save” her.  She turns up where they both swore they’d never return—the town of their childhood, where dark memories and a “dead” man threaten … and may possibly free them. BUY



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“While we read a novel, we are insane-bonkers. We believe in the existence of people who aren’t there, we hear their voices…. Sanity returns (in most cases) when the book is closed.”–Ursala K. LeGuin


In Trout Kill, the first novel of the Series, Eddy is a bartender, husband, father and vet. One night, as he drives along an Oregon coastal road, he runs over a deer and falls in love with it and, paradoxically, out of love with his wife. He sets out to kill his old, loveless heart, and he’s forced to face old ghosts from his family’s past.


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For an author-signed copy, message Paul on Facebook or email him at pauldage22@gmail.com

“But it’s the truth even if it didn’t happen.”–Ken Kesey, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

What the Reviewers Say about Trout Kill ….

“Dage can write. The man is a writer, plain and simple, and even those of us who wish Eddy Trout were a more sympathetic character cannot deny the skill in Dage’s deceptively simple, well-crafted sentences.”—Portland Book Review

Trout Kill is beautiful and disturbing, a deeply imagined nightmare of family secrets, violent emotions, and tender longing.” —Joanna Rose, Dangerous Writer (Little Miss Strange)

“Here is Paul Dage’s masterful and exquisitely crafted story of Eddy’s search for what he cannot know—yet know he must, the shadows cast by tragic youth, that “gentle ache” he calls love.–Patrice Silverstein, Editor-Writer

Eddy Trout is many things … husband, father, part-time bartender, ex-logger and Vietnam vet. But his life and marriage are unraveling. On a road winding along the Pacific shore, aided by a midnight encounter, these fractures deepen as Eddy’s dark past comes calling and the dead start whispering.–Jessica Morrell, Writer